Earn an extra income: The Only Guide You Need

But let’s take for example building a blog or a website and trying to earn an extra income with it.

Sounds like a great idea, right?

Well, according to Ahref the 90.63% of websites get no traffic whatsoever. 0 traffic = 0 money.

Earn an extra income
90.63% of world websites are receiving this kind of traffic

Why? Because the owners of those websites are striving the wrong way: they are not creating the right content, they’re not analyzing their competitors, they’re not even doing keywords research.

Do you want to be on the other side?

Do you want to join the 9.37% that are getting traffic and getting conversion? Do you want to earn an extra income for you and your family?

Start striving the right way.

How to strive the right way

To get traffic and to earn an extra income, or maybe to quit your 9 to 5, using your website to generate money, you should follow all these rules:

  • Do thorough keyword research: you can start using the free tools here.
  • Create useful content for visitors: think about your users, what do they want? How can you create good content?
  • Optimize your site: your site should be responsive and mobile-friendly. It should be SSL protected. It must load very quickly.
  • Don’t skip social networks: social networks are very important to rank on search engines, increase your authority on a subject and to create a strong and nice community.

The type of content that you’ll find in this site

How can I make Money with X?

On this website I’m going to post many How-To guides about making money with an online instrument (mainly).

So we’re not talking only about websites or blogs – which, by the way, can be very profitable if you use the right strategies – but we take into account many other services and mediums from which you can profit.

Right now earning an extra income is very easy: you can do it with your smartphone or with a laptop and you can support yourself and your family without any particular issue.

You can do it on:

  • Social networks: Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, Tik Tok, Instagram
  • Messaging apps: Telegram, Whatsapp, Wechat
  • Blogging platforms: Medium.com
  • Online trading and automated trading
  • Online shops: Amazon FBA, eBay, Shopify
  • E-Learning: Udemy, Teachable
  • Game streaming: Twitch, Mixer

What’s the right process to make money with these instruments?

Each one of them has its own rules and demographics, that’s why I am going to analyze each one of them.

What is the best instrument for this platform?

Every platform has many softwares and instuments that let you create things easier and quicker.

Think about WordPress to create a blog or Hootsuite to manage all the social networks from a single software.

On Smart Striving I’ll try to analyze every instrument that can make your life easier, can increase your work output, and can help you to earn an extra income.

Stay up to date with the newest trends

Everyday the new Facebook can spring out from nowhere and take the world. It happened with Instagram, with Tik Tok.

It is going to happen again. Do you know what happens to the entrepreneurs that are the first to join a new ecosystem?

They are the first to enter a new ocean full of fish. And they profit a lot. Just take a look at what The Blue Ocean strategy is about: entering a market with none to low competition and conquering it.

You are busy and you can’t stay always up to date with the newest apps or the new social networks.

That’s why Smart Striving is here: you’ll get all the most important news about new platforms, how to use them, and how you can make money with them for your business.