3 Main Reasons Why Blogging Isn’t Dead In 2020

No, blogging isn’t dead in 2020 and it is still thriving in both the private and the B2B sector.

blogging isn't dead

I don’t want to bother you with the same data over and over again:

  • there are approximately 500 million of blogs in 2020
  • each day, someone like me or like you, pushes the blue button “Publish”. Apparently they are doing it a lot 2 million times per day!
  • about 1/3 of webistes are blogs

Know you know all of the facts. The blog post is over, right?


Let’s analyze 3 stories of real people who can show you that blogging isn’t dead, in fact it is still alive and thriving.

Blogging isn’t dead #1: Steve’s story

Steve is now a well known blogger for its thought provoking posts and its courses.

But when he was transitioning from a career as an indie game developer to a full time blogger, things weren’t that easy.

He was working at his own company with his wife at a game he thought to be the success he always dreamed about.

When the day of the launch came, he was enthusiastic: in his mind he saw thoughts of him refreshing its bank account and seeing numbers rolling.

Reality, you know, tends to keep things to the ground. And that was true for Steve.

No one was buying his game and the next week he had to pay 25000$ of maxed out credit cards.

That wasn’t a good thing.

So he kept working aided by his wife and, from the ashes of the failed game, he came out with a brand new puzzle game. It took him 3 weeks of non-stop working, repeated calls from debt collecting companies and struggling with crippling anxiety made worse by the huge amount of coffe he drank.

But he did it.

The game was released and this time it was a huge success.

Steve’s bank account now had 6 figures. He was able to pay his debt.

But now he knew this was not the right job for him. He wanted to do something else, to start a blog, to write.

He was good with words.

So, he started. He bought a domain (with his name) and he started posting.

8 months passed and he started seeing some results in his organic traffic. He was receiving visits from users. Real users.

So he tought about Ads.

The first month he made 36$.

In the meantime Steve was quitting his job as a game developer. After he saw the traffic he definitely closed down the company he started so he could focus on his new blog.

After 80 posts and 9 months, he was getting bank wires of about 6000$ per month.

That’s good, isn’t it? He also sold an info-product which made him realize that he was selling 24/7, non stop.

He was sleeping and while he was dreaming, he was getting paid by users.

That’s a nice feeling.

That’s a nice income.

Time took to get a decent income from blog: 8 months

Income: 6000$

Method used: keyword research, niche blogging

Niche: self-help

Blogging isn’t dead #2: Anne’s perseverance

Anne has a passion for scented candles. She like to have many candles all around her house during evenings.

She thought that maybe there were other people with her passion.

So she bought a domain name in February 2019 and she started writing about how to associate a scented candle to your particular mood. And she also posted an image on Pinterest about her candles collection with a link to the post.

She wrote many other articles and she wasn’t seeing any progress.

But she was still writing, nonetheless.

After a year and 40 articles she saw that her site was receiving 50 visits per day. Her articles and her photos on Pinterest were getting more shares and she was receiving more traffic.

What about selling some candles. Anne bought all her candles from a local shop in town and she knew that the shop owner was also shipping some candles to distant customers.

That’s when she decided to ask if she could pass her some orders of candles and if she could handle the packing and the shipping.

The shop owner said yes.

That’s when Anne began to make money. With dropshipping.

Time took to get a decent income from blog: 12 months

Income: 1400$

Method used: niche blogging

Niche: scented candles

Blogging isn’t dead #2: Debora’s perseverance

Debora is an italian blogger that speaks fluent mandarin and she also knows how to write correctly in Hanyu.

She was working as a customer care assistant for a company that sold chips and in the meantime she decided to write a blog for the chinese people about italian culture and cuisine.

She didn’t think about creating a side income from her blog. But she ended having a nice money flow.

Her blog is waaay more different than when she started, two years ago. Right now she also writes about italian bureaucracy and how to do certain things here in Italy.

She also sells many infoproducts.

Do you know what? Debora doesn’t work at a 9 to 5 job anymore, right now she works full time on her own blog and she nets about 3 to 6 thousands euros per month.

Time took to get a decent income from blog: 7 months

Income: 3500€

Method used: niche blogging

Niche: scented candles


Do you still think that blogs are dead? Think twice.

Blogging isn’t dead and if you have enough willpower and motivation you can make a nice income from that.

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