3 Principles To Learn To Sell Anything: Your Ultimate Guide

how to learn to sell anything to anyone

When thinking about how to learn to sell anything I always think about this scene in The Wolf of Wall Street.

Not because it is an example of how to sell (he’s trying to scam a person and I don’t think this is the purpose of selling) but because Leonardo Di Caprio did a great job in laying out all the essential principles in selling.

These principles are 3 and we are going to explore them in this article.

But first, let’s clarify why it is important for you to learn to sell.

Learn To Sell Or You Won’t Get Ahead

Maybe you work as an employee (like me) and you want to get the rise you deserve, or perhaps you want to start a business and you need to sell something.

Or maybe you want to launch your start up and get funds. You know what you have to do to get funds, right? You have to pitch investors.

So you’ll prepare a nice sales pitch to get your fundings, right?

So it doesn’t really matters if you’re an employee or a business owner, learning to sell is an essential skill to develop.

The 3 Principles Of Selling

Sell process is very similar to a chemical reaction.

You have people and their needs and your product that can help them fulfill them. But in the middle you have a resistance, an “energy” you must pay to make the process smoother and easier.

Just like a catalyst lowers the activation energy required by the chemical reaction (and help the chemical reaction by making it faster), the selling process lowers the resistance of the customer to you and your product and make the transaction easier.

There are 3 simple principles to learn when it comes to learning how to sell:

  • Rapport with your customer
  • Authority in your field
  • Word of mouth and reviews

If you respect these 3 simple principles you can learn to sell quickly.

Rapport is the first thing to build

Every potential customer has an unsatisfied need that you can potentially fill with your product but not anyone is going to buy from you. And you know why?

Because you failed in building trust and rapport.

Building rapport is essential in any transaction and any conversation, especially if you are trying to sell something to a person that you don’t know or that you meet/call for the first time.

Since the modality in which you can estabilish rapport vary according to the kind of interaction you are having with your customer, it is important to understand what it means to build trust,

To build rapport you need: respect for the person you are talking to, an ability to listen without judging or suggesting solutions and humility.


If, after you talked about your product the persone says that she is not interested, leave her a business card or leave her your contact and salute her. Respect her boundaries.

Do not push when trying to sell.

Selling is a process of flowing forces between you and your customer. You don’t need to push or force the customer or he’ll leaves. Leave him space.

Listen him/her talking without judging or suggesting

If you actively listen a person without judging or suggesting solutions to quickly, you’ll build a strong rapport and you’ll build trust.

When you start listening with humility you’ll be surprised about how many information people will give you about them, their family situation and their problems (which you can potentially solve with your product)


I know that everyone suggests that a salesman should be positive, energetic and full of pride but humility sells more.

Everyone knows a salesman that makes bold statesment about their products they flood your brain of words and try to convince you, but you already built a fortress and you are convinced about not buying anything from him/her.

You know that sensation, right?

Humility is essential when selling because creates empathy between you and your customer. And humans like me and you, loves empathy.

Authority in your field is very important too

If you don’t know anything about your field the person you’re trying to convince to buy from you will notice it and won’t trust you.

That’s why authority is very important when selling.

Authority is developed by studying your product and your field of expertise. Study and keep yourself up to date with any improvement or any cutting edge piece of technology.

If you have an online business, a great place to build authority is Quora.

While developing authority is linked to study, showing your authority or building authority on a subject can be done differently depending on the nature of the product you’re selling and on the type of your business.

So if you have a physical store, for example, and you sell smartphones, you’ll have to answer all the questions your customers are going to ask.

If you sell a digital product, an app or a subscription, you can build your authority on Facebook through groups, on Quora, on Reddit and on the thousands of community out there.

Word of mouth and reviews: your best weapon

Think about it: when you want to go to a restaurant, what’s the thing you do to know if it’s good or not?

That’s right, you read reviews.

When your friend, a gamer, tells you about that new game that recently got released and how he spent all the weekend playing it, do you also feel the urge to know more about the game?

That’s the power of “other people opinions”.

Right now when someone wants to purchase something he checks the reviews to inform himself.

To learn to sell you must understand that the word of mouth is simply the best AD you’ll ever have at your disposal. No other instrument is more important that this one.

If you get very good reviews about your product, you’ll get momentum and you’ll sell many more pieces.

So the heir of the word of mouth is the review.

A Recap

If you want to learn to sell you need to understand the 3 principles I laid out above.

Selling is fulfilling people’s needs and desires, so it is very important to appeal to their emotions.

Stir up their emotional self with words and images and you’ll notice that the process of selling becomes easier and smoother.

And remember, you’re not selling a product with its technical features, you’re selling a solution to a problem.

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