3 Tips On How To Quickly Write An Article A Day

While starting blogging or creating content for your website, especially if you are targeting a niche market, you should learn how to write an article a day.

First of all because it build consistency and discipline.

Then because you need practice when writing for the web. You need to write many articles to become good and capture your readers attention.

Write An Article A Day

Another good reason is that churning out fresh and good content every day is a great way to build up a nice momentum for your site. When you have enough articles or blog posts that are targeting specific long tail keywords, you get ranked very easily on Search Engines.

When I started writing I could only type about 10-15 words per minute of content.

Now that I practiced writing an article every day, I can build a 600 words post in about 30 minutes of time.

Not counting the previous research, of course, which depends on of the argument.

My 3 Secrets To Write An Article A Day

Always plan the content of the week

I always plan the titles of posts for every day of the week on sunday. So every day I know exactly what I should write about.

I open up Google Calcs and write down 7 long tail keywords to target for each of the articles I’m going to write.

I find that system very effective because I can also add some sources and materials to use while writing the article.

Usually I open up my keyword research tool and I start to look for relevant long tail keywords, I choose the ones with very low competition and I build an enticing title.

Before you write a single word build up the skeleton of the article

You may be tempted to start writing right away but I find that this is not effective.

I found out that building the skeleton of the post with each heading and sub heading gives me the inspiration I need to expand each and every paragraph of the post.

Write non stop until you reach the end of the article

Usually I write all the article in one go, even if it’s about 2000-3000 words long. Writing everything in a sitting, gives you the opportunity to reread your post, check for error and for repetitions.

Optimize for your readers, not for software

Your readers are the ones that determines your success as a writer on the web.

If you write crappy articles “only to get ranked” you’ll get to the point in which you’ll have a very high bounce rate and a very low time spent on site.

Because readers are not finding your content useful or worth reading.

So always be sure to write good content and to target humans first, then optimize for SEO, not the other way around.

Write an article a day for 3 to 6 months

Everyone these days are saying that SEO is dead and that their site is not receiving organic traffic from search engine. But when someone asks them how many articles they wrote, they say “I have 2 pillar articles”.

And that’s everything you’ve got?

Even if you target a niche you should build your content regularly. Only with regular content your site will grow.

If the content is old, doesn’t get updated or is shallow in its content, it will get no organic traffic from search engines.

If you stick with writing an article for 3 months, you’ll have 90 articles after that time.

If you also managed to find a keyword for each of them, you’ll be surprised to see the results in term of organic traffic after 3 or 6 months.

After you see that visits are coming, update the old content and make it more readable because when you started writing you probably weren’t that good like you are after 3 months of writing.

That’s everything you should know about hot to write an article a day.

Start writing now!

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