3 Tips On Writing Articles That Get Shared

Especially when starting a blog writing articles that get many shares on social media is a nice skill to possess.

The process of writing a new article can be summarized in 4 steps:

  • Getting an idea on the topic
  • Sketch the article skeleton
  • Write the article
  • Review and post it

The process is so simple that almost anyone can write articles. But not everyone is able to get those articles shared on social media.

We know that social networks shares are now a ranking factor for SEO so we can benefit a lot from shares.

It brings fresh traffic from social media sites and from search engines too.

So this post is about the 3 tips for writing articles that gets shares on social media.

Always research the topic deeply

Everyone can double check your content to see if you’re correct about what you’re trying to say.

If you write wrong things or you tell lies, your users are not going to trust you again.

That’s why before writing a post, a guide, before making a video or starting a podcast, it is essential that you research deeply the subject of your post.

You can use many instruments to check what others are writing about the subject you’re trying to write about. You can learn things easily thanks to Wikipedia and other sites.

So, do not write before having done a good research on the topic you intend to write about because you can create distrust in your userbase.

Know your demographic

If the targeted user of your content is an adult, a thirthy-something, you can’t make examples that are suitable for a teen. And viceversa.

Knowing what is your target audience helps you create good content for it. And targeted content gets way more shares.

Imagine talking about personal finance for 18 to 25 YO people.

I wouldn’t talk about “How to get a mortgage” or “Is it best to rent or buy a house?” arguments.

I’d talk about how can you save money during college, how you can make some money on the side, while you’re still in college.

And, based on what I’m going to tell you in the next step, I would tell a story of me or of my friends during college.

So, knowing what’s your target audience will give your article a huge boost.

Tell a story while writing articles

You aren’t simply writing articles, guides or blog posts.

You are trying to convey a message to your users. Do you think that users trust more an impersonal guide or a personal example?

If you replied the latter, you’re right.

People trust other people. That’s why you’re reading reviews on Amazon before buying a thing.

You trust other people well documented opinions.

So, try to tell a story about you, a business partner or a friend.

One of my clients, 6 months ago, asked me how he could start his own “professional blog” for a solar panel business.

He said: what can I write about, I don’t know… do I have to write about advantages of solar panels?

I replied: no, you don’t. Let me come with you for a day and let’s see what we can do.

I went with him to his customers and saw tons of opportunities. I asked if we could take pictures of finished photovoltain power stations on roofs.

His customers gave us permissions so I took many photos.

We started talking about writing about success stories of his customers. How much did they spend on the plant and how much did they get back from the plant installed.

His customers were very happy about the solar panels because they reduced their electricity bills by 40 to 60% per year. Some of them installed also an accumulator so they could store the excess energy and they cut their bills by 100%.

That were awesome stories and testimonials.

So we created 3 simple blog posts, 400 words per article and we began an AD campaign on Facebook.

The results were impressive.

He got a 600% increase in calls and info requests and also an increase in new customers.

That’s the power of telling a story.

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