5 Easy Ways To Grow a Facebook Group

Learning to grow a Facebook group user count is not so easy. If you want to do it for free, it’s even harder than that.

But it is feasible and that’s what this guide is for.

1 – Carefully choose a good name for your group

how to grow a facebook group

When you create a Facebook group it is very important that you choose a name that is appropriate for it.

Facebook is like a search engine and can direct organic traffic to your group and increase group signup rate.


Many people are searching in Facebook searchbox “Start a blog”, “bloggers group”, “make money online”, “Forex”, “Personal Finance”, and if your group has the right name, guess what? Facebook suggests it to users.

And they can join your group.

That’s why choosing the right name is the best way to easily grow a Facebook Group.

What constitutes a good name for a group?

  • If you have a website and the group represents the community, use the name of the website so that users can easily find your group.
  • If your group is a community for people wanting to learn stock trading, use “stock trading community”, “stock trading news”, “stock trading <additional keyword>”.

These simple two suggestions can increase your signup count.

Remember to use a maximum of 4 words. Best names are 3 words of length.

2 – Create a community for your website

While forums are still around in 2020, Facebook Groups are eroding their share of the market.

So, why not creating a Facebook group to host your website community?

For example, if you own an online business that sells computer parts, you could make a Facebook group in which you post relevant content, finished PC builds, new graphic cards coming out in the near future.

When you reach 250 members your group is going to be self sustaining. Users are going to post content (we hope it is going to be relevant, otherwise delete the posts).

To make things easier for you allow people to post freely, without having to approve every single post.

Obviously, you should moderate the contet.

This is one of the best way to create and to grow a Facebook group without too much effort from your side.

3 – Create an unofficial group for a new book, film, game

This is the easiest way for me.

If you’re interested in a new film coming out in the near future and you also want to create a community about it, consider doing this.


Because you’ll basically get free traffic to your group – and possibly site if you have one – and you’ll get many signups.

What is very important here is to create very good content initially and constantly so that you engage your audience.

If the film|game|book hasn’t been published yet, give your users news about it, scoops, trailers so they will come to your group to get more information.

This is a good process to also make money with a Facebook group.

4 – Drive traffic and increase signups through other social networks

There’s also this option to grow a Facebook group.

If you are on Pinterest – a thing that I highly suggest to you, here are the reasons why you should if you have a business – you can drive traffic to your Facebook group.

Finding a relevant subreddit can be a source of users too.

Reddit is the most important “forum” on the internet. It features sub forums (subreddits) for everything you can imagine.

And I really mean everything!

If you can find a subreddit that is relevant to your business niche, you could become an “authority” and you could potentially attract many users to your group.

5 – Using videos to grow a Facebook group

Videos are a great way to drive traffic to everything.

It also applies to Facebook groups. Adding a link to your group to the description of a video on Youtube can bring you a decent amount of traffic.

So if you already use YouTube, try promoting your Facebook group in your video.

Try to create and build a community.

6 – Bonus one! Create a fan club for a team (esports, football, anything)

This is a great thing to do. You are passionate about a football team or an esport team? Why don’t you create a community around that.

This is also great for affiliate programs or to build a shopify store, for example.

Imagine selling a team merchandise on your store, it is good, isn’t it?

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