7 Best Tips On How To Climb The Corporate Ladder

As you know here in SmartStriving we don’t focus only on building businessess or side hustles, but we also give tips and guidelines to get a high paying job.

But today I want to talk about how to climb the corporate ladder.

That is very good if you work in a nice company and you want to get into management and in the top tier positions.

how to climb the corporate ladder

Let’s start analyzing what you need to do in order to climb the corporate ladder.

Never disrespect your manager or your boss

If you think that outsmarting your manager is a good move, you’re wrong. If you are smarter than your manager that’s good, but you don’t have to make that clear to others.

Humility is very important when trying to climb the corporate ladder.

Never think for a moment that if you outshine your boss or your manager you get a promotion.

That’s also the first rule of The 48 laws of power by Robert Greene and it’s true.

Work on your soft skills

Your soft skills are essential at every level of the corporate ladder.

Having a high emotional intelligence can make or break your career. Emotional intelligence is the ability to recognize every emotion or thought that comes to your mind and being able to not get caught in the heath of the moment.

As you can see in this study, a high emotional intelligence is linked to an increased salary.

For example, you are managing a team of software developers and they are quarreling over a instrument or a piece of code.

You keep your cool and balance and calm the atmosphere. Then you can decide how to proceed trying to create a win-win scenario for everyone involved in the quarrel.

That’s how soft skills work.

Always take responsibility for your work

You can climb the corporate ladder only if you can take the responsibility for your work and for the work of your team.

If you can’t handle stress and manage the unexpected events (that are going to happen inevitably) you can’t climb the corporate ladder because every higher level will demand more responsibility from you.

Choosing to become accountable for the outcome of a project is a sign of a mature person.

Measure everything

To get a promotion and become a manager or a top tier person in your company you must learn to measure anything.

Every project you (and your team) complete, must be presented to the management and must also be accompanied by numbers.

Management wants to see real numbers. Even if a project failed or even if it did not bring benefits.

Measuring means that the company can testify that it is growing and that the projects are being successful. In case of negative numbers, measuring everything is the key to change the approach of the company and to make things differently to achieve a better outcome.

Never lie and do not gossip

If you tell lies to anyone about your work, or if you try to hide a bad project from anyone, you’ll ruin your reputation badly.

Remember that reputation in a company is everything.

You don’t have two reputation, you have one. If you ruin it, you’ll have to work a lot to repair the damage.

So always tell the truth, even though in the short run it can be painful, in the long run telling the truth is going to give you a huge advantage.

Hiding things is dangerous and requires a lot of effort. And, in the end, the truth comes out.

Gossip is another thing you must avoid at all costs.

When you are gossiping around you’re ruining a person reputation.

Would you like to be the victim of gossip? No. So don’t do it to others. It will hinder your progress in climbing the corporate ladder, so don’t do it.

Learn how to create and to present reports

Learning how to create and present reports to the higher management is another essential skill you need to possess.

Infographics, videos, pivot tables, Excel and Power Point should be your second skin.

While you can outsource the creation of those reports, even if I highly recommend to learn how to create reports and how to use the instrument I wrote above, you cannot outsource the presentation of them.

It is important that you know how to deliver a presentation to the higher management.

Learn public speaking and how to deliver a speech smoothly. It’ll do wonders.

Adapt to changing situations

When you climb the corporate ladder you see a lot of things changing every time.

Situations around you are always evolving and not always for the best. There are going to be layoffs, there are going to be promotions.

Someone is going to be promoted and you will not be happy about it. Someone could stole the position you were working to acquire.

Remain calm and collected.

Adapt to the changing environment and use every instrument you have to continue on the path of growth.

Bad things happen, be prepared for them. Be proactive in how to react, do not lash out on colleagues.

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