99 Awesome Niche Blog Ideas

Niche blogging is not dead, that’s why I decided to write 99 niche blog ideas to help you kickstart your blog (and business).

niche blog ideas to start on the right track

If you want to find a good niche by yourself, there’s a nice guide on this site on how to find a profitable niche here.

If you don’t want to waste time and start as soon as possible with your business journey, well, you’re in the right place.

99 niche blog ideas for your next business

I am going to divide the 99 niche blog ideas into macro categories so you can choose the most appropriate for you: and remember choose an argument that you know or that you can study.

Do not listen to marketers selling you their course on how to follow your passion because their advice is terrible.

Money management and investing

Note: the best niche to make money by far.

  1. how to invest money on the internet
  2. how to create an investment plan using ETFs
  3. ETF investing made simple
  4. how to save and safely invest your savings
  5. forex trading systems
  6. how to invest in cryptocurrencies
  7. best trading platforms YYYY (put the current year in the placeholder YYYY)
  8. best managed investing accounts
  9. how to find profitable ETF
  10. automated trading software
  11. best apps to invest small amounts of money
  12. best high yield saving accounts
  13. best cashback credit cards
  14. how to choose the stocks to invest in
  15. investing money in an online business

Fitness and training

Note: this is an evergreen niche, you can discover many new niches in this field. This too, is a very profitable niche.

This niche though requires a lot of preparation and expertise because when giving advices to people on their fitness and training, if you’re not an expert you could harm them.

So if you’re not an expert, look for another niche.

  1. shoulder pain exercises
  2. back pain exercises
  3. wrist pain exercises
  4. workouts for busy people
  5. flexibilty program for beginners
  6. bodyweight exercises without any equipment
  7. full body workout using body weight
  8. bodyweight biceps workout
  9. martial arts online training
  10. martial arts flexibility and strength training
  11. best self defense techniques
  12. running routines for beginners
  13. workouts you can do in the office
  14. calisthenics workout for beginners
  15. essential pieces to build an home gym

Technology and what-to-buy guides

Note: the technology niche is one of the best place to look for niche blog ideas and to use affiliate marketing (for example: Amazon affiliate program).

  1. what’s the best gaming notebook YYYY (year in which you are writing the article)
  2. best video card to play full hd
  3. best medium range video card
  4. best android smartphone YYYY (year in which you are writing the article)
  5. best iphone offers
  6. best equipment to start a podcast
  7. microphones comparison
  8. best video camera for 4k videos
  9. budget equipment to make an online course
  10. best tablet under 300$
  11. gaming pc builds
  12. best streaming players
  13. roku vs amazon fire vs chromecast
  14. best 4k PC monitors
  15. notebook workstation comparison

Job and the corporate ladder niches

Note: while everyone dreams about quitting his 9 to 5 and become an entrepreneur, only 1 to 3% of the people make the jump. The others are working at a job and they need to climb the corporate ladder if they want a nice salary and benefits.

So, let’s teach them how they can better their position.

  1. learning soft skills
  2. negotiation techniques for employees
  3. essential skills of a good manager
  4. developing the qualities of a leader in your group
  5. how to negotiate a nice rise
  6. how to negotiate benefits
  7. how to become a high level manager
  8. how to write a catchy curriculum vitae
  9. job interviews and how to ace them
  10. how to manage conflicts at work
  11. how to become more productive at work
  12. learn how to delegate
  13. becoming a project manager
  14. increasing assertiveness
  15. how to create engaging presentations

Social media niche

Note: social media sites are very important for brands and business. Not anyone knows how to increase the number of followers or how to engage their users. So it is becoming a very profitable niche.

  1. how to increase followers on Instagram
  2. how to create images and photos for Instagram
  3. how to create infographics
  4. strategies to increase followers on social networks
  5. how to create a community using Facebook groups
  6. how to monetize e Facebook group
  7. how to create a brand
  8. how to create content for social media
  9. how to become a social media manager
  10. best software to manage multiple social networks
  11. how to respond to bad reviews
  12. how to manage angry costumers
  13. increase brand visibility
  14. planning an ad campaign on social networks
  15. best advertising platform on social media for a brand

Online marketing

Note: online marketing is an evergreen and is a costantly growing sector. Every business needs an online presence nowadays and it is also important to know exactly how to do online marketing without wasting money.

  1. learn copywriting
  2. create a website that is tailored towards customer’s journey
  3. using Youtube and other video platform to gain authority
  4. grow organic traffic for certain keywords
  5. starting an ads campaign and setting up landing page and a funnel
  6. how to build and structure funnels
  7. how to grow your email list
  8. email marketing for beginners
  9. seo crash course for a small business
  10. master local seo for restaurants and bars
  11. creating an online brand from scratch
  12. how to create a technical blog to gain trust and authority over a market segment
  13. best instrument to create landing pages
  14. email marketing software comparison
  15. best online courses on online marketing

Gaming industry niche

mario cart on Nintendo Switch

Note: another niche that is costantly growing and that I want to add to this post about niche blog ideas is the gaming industry niche.

In 2020 and 2021 the gaming industry market value is goint to reach 133 billion dollars globally. Do you want a little piece of that?

I think so.

  1. GAME strategy guides portal (replace GAME with whatever game you like)
  2. game news
  3. new console releases
  4. mmorpg community forum
  5. rpg game fansite
  6. console news fansite
  7. game tricks and addons site
  8. gaming store with nice offers
  9. fansite for a twitch channel


These are 99 niche blog ideas which you won’t find anywhere else.

They are very focused arguments for which you can do keyword research and find some long tail keywords that are relatively easy to rank on Google.

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