Facebook Shop Feature Is The Big Thing Of 2020

On May 19th 2020 Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of the Facebook Shop feature. This is going to be the next big thing of 2020.

So here at Smart Striving we are going to explore in detail what Facebook Shop feature means for business owners.

facebook shop

Facebook Shops are going to be free

This is the best thing for a business owner like you and me. A free service with an easy to use interface that let my customers explore my shop virtually and make a purchase without too much effort.

Obviously we know that the service is not going to be entirely free of charge, for example, if I want to promote one of my products I have to pay some Ads to reach more people.

But the targeting that Facebook offers is awesome, so spending some $$$ on Facebook ads to sell more is not a big concern.

There’s something to make clear and that’s how shop data is going to be used by the Facebook platform, as it is not clear yet.

Keeping shop data and customers purchases information safe is essential for a business owner, and that’s a thing that Facebook should make clear to everyone.

Shop feature is going to be developed also on Instagram, Messenger and Whatsapp

Instagram explore tab

You will be able to create a shop on Instagram that is going to be reachable from the Explore tab.

So you can potentially reach other users with your shop.

To help businesses, when scrolling through the Facebook feed and through the Explore tab, users will see products that are interesting for them.

Zuckerberg also wrote on his post that they are developing different tabs for Facebook and Instagram shops, to make things easier for customers and shop owners.

What’s very interesting is that Mark Zuckerberg also talked about developing those platform also on Messenger and Whatsapp.

This could be linked to Messenger and Whatsapp bots that are going to help users and customers to search for products and buy them or asking for commercial and technical support.

It’s integrated with other ecommerce softwares

The CEO of Facebook pointed out that the developers are in contact with other ecommerce software such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce and many others.

Since Facebook handles the payment of goods only in US at the moment, when the users of other countries click on a product, he will be redirected to the shop website to make the purchase.

This is probably going to be a temporary thing since I think that Facebook wants to make the purchase process easier for the buyer. So – that’s only a guess – when Facebook will roll out his payment processor, all the process of buying is going to be straightforward.

Customer support on Messenger and Whatsapp

The interest in those two messaging apps is going to surge in the next months.

That is going to create a lot of business opportunity for Messenger and Whatsapp bot developers. Think about answering the frequently asked questions automatically, or tracking an order by giving the ID or by simply getting the Facebook username and the orders associated with it.

Customer support and technical support automation will be the next big thing.

Selling products during a live video

A great opportunity for business owners. This is going to kill many commercial TVs that are hosting live selling programs.

Imagine hosting a live event on your Facebook Page: you have a cooking channel and you’re baking a cake. During that event, why not promoting and selling the set of knives you’re using?

You can do that.

So, this opens up the possibility to sell affiliate products directly from a live event. That is a wonderful opportunity for Instagram influencers and for Facebook influencers.

Facebook shop has the support of AI to tag products on photos and videos

To support a Facebook shop the social network AI is going to help a lot. If there’s a photo with a man with nice sunglasses, the product can be tagged automatically (if the users select the option) and everyone can buy those sunglasses from the Facebook shop that sells them.

This is a nice feature that can help sell more products.

This is also a good thing for influencers that can tag the products they are sponsoring and make things easier for them and for the affiliate program owner.

The AI is also going to be useful to make people try things: a lipstick, sunglasses, a hat. They will be able to put it on their photo and see how are they looking with that new product on.

Conclusion and recap

Facebook shop feature is going to be the thing for 2020 and you must be aware of that. When the feature rolls out we will create a guide on how to build your Facebook shop easily.

  • This is a great opportunity for people who want to start selling online or for business owners in general
  • Creating a Facebook/Instagram shop is going to be free of charge
  • You can advertise products via Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Everyone will be able to tag products on photos. Products tagged will redirect to the Facebook/Instagram shop page
  • Whatsapp and Messenger are going to be essential in building rapport with your customers and offering customer support

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