How to Earn Money From Telegram Bot In 3 Creative Ways

Explaining how to earn money from telegram bot is very easy: everyone right now is talking about chat bots, and Telegram bots are exactly that.

Let’s take a look at Google Trends:

Google trends picture of interest about chatbots
Interest for chatbots over time

But not everyone knows what Telegram is so, let’s make an introduction.

What is Telegram and what’s a bot?

Telegram is a messaging app available for iOS and Android developed by Telegram LLC. Telegram is known for its huge focus on privacy and strong encryption.

So it is just like Whatsapp.

Using Telegram you can see that there are many ways to interact with users:

  • Using a direct chat with your contacts.
  • Using a secret chat: it is a chat that can be destroyed whenever the creator wants and it doesn’t leave any trace whatsoever.
  • Using a group: in which anyone of the participant can interact with others.
  • Using a channel: so only the admin of the channel can add posts.
  • Using a Telegram bot: a bot is a software that offers a service to the users.
how to make money from telegram bot
You have the financial support of Heisenberg!

Bots are simply programs that performs one or multiple actions. For example they can show the weather in your zone, they can track prices on portals, they can let you chat with other people anonymously and they can do many other things.

So, let’s see how to earn money from Telegram bot.

How to earn money from Telegram Bot

1 – Learn how to develop a bot from scratch

Developing a Telegram bot can be learned relatively easy. There are many tutorials about how to develop a bot.

If you go to and on you’ll see that there are many job postings about creating a telegram bot. What’s interesting is that the jobs are quite lucrative.

There are many tutorials on how to create a Telegram bot, just below you’ll find my favorites one:

If you’re not a developer and you don’t want to learn any programming language, don’t despair because I’ll post another method with which you can create a bot without having to write code.

2 – Create your bot without any single line of code with Manybot

If you want to learn how to earn money from telegram bot, well, ManyBot is the right place for you. You’ll be using it a lot.


Because lets you create and manage your bot without having to write a single line of code.

So if you’re not a developer and you have a great idea for a bot service, can help you with your project.

The best part of Manybot is that it is free.

After you created your own Telegram bot you can advertise it on Telegram Channels or on other social networks.

3 – Advertise other people Chatbots

There are many Telegram chatbots out there. But, as you probably know if you are a reader of this site, creating anything and not getting users is not useful.

A bot should be useful to users.

So if you know a bot that is very useful for you, chances are that it could be very useful to other people. That’s where advertising comes into play.

Right now there are many marketers using telegram as their main source of revenue. The reason is pretty straightforward: you can attract users from social networks, via ads or perhaps you can use Pinterest, and then you open a chatbot that deliver a sales letter to the user.

So you have 0 expenses (except for the ads on other social networks) and you have a nice way to create rapport with your customers.

Some of the best ideas for a Telegram Bot

I hope that the how to earn from telegram bot part is clear, in case it isn’t, please do let me know in the comments below.

Now I want to give you some of the best ideas for a Telegram Bot:

  • Price tracking bot: a user adds the links of the products he wants to track and every X hours he gets notified if price changed.
  • Local News bot: a user inputs his/her own location and gets all the news near him.
  • Stock price bot: a user search for Tesla and gets the actual quote of TSLA stock.

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