How To Go Viral On Pinterest: 3 Proven Ways

how to go viral on pinterest explained simply

In this guide you’ll learn how to go viral on Pinterest. We are going to create a Pinterest board and our first optimized pin.

What’s the content of the Pin we are going to share?

An infographic made with Canva.

How to go viral on Pinterest: first step is opening Canva

Using to create a pinterest pin

That’s right, so we go to and click on the “Create a design” button. In the searchbox we input Pinterest to get all the results linked to it.

So we click on the “Pinterest Pin” result, and we get down to work.

Here we are, we have a new project on the right, a blank canva, and on the left some templates to choose from.

Very nice.

Now, what we want to make is a Pin that teach the 3 main thing to do to create a post that goes viral on Pinterest.

I didn’t like any of the desing in the templates, so I went on Pexels and downloaded a mountain photo.

I uploaded it to Canva and selected it to use in my own pin. That’s the result after I added the photo and a title.

Now, let’s add the 3 points I want to make clear.

What do we need to make a Pinterest’s Pin go viral? Here’s the list:

  • A very beautiful image
  • An optimized layout for Pinterest
  • Useful and engaging content

That’s it.

Let’s put it on our pin.

I’m not very good with graphic design, but with the help of Canva, Flaticon and Pexels I made this:

After doing that we can download the PNG file from Canva and we are ready for the second step: creating our pinboard and posting our first pin.

How to go viral on Pinterest: creating our first pinboard and posting our new pin

Now we return on to create our first pinboard.

Think of a Pinboard as a container of pins.

By clicking on our user we arrive on our profile page. Now we can create the pinboard by clicking on the plus sign on the right part of the page.

After selection “Create Board”, you will be asked to name your new pinboard.

I named mine “Create Awesome Pins”, remember to give a meaningful name, so you and other users, can understand what is all about.

Now we create a pin by selecting another time the plus sign.

OK, now we are in the main section of the Pin creation. We need to do 4 things to ensure that our pin will get shared by other users.

We need to select our previously created pin (the one we created on, provide a title for our pin, a description for it and the most important part, the url we want the user to visit after seeing our pin!

That’s it.

Now we hit the “Save” button on the high left side of the panel and our pin is published.

Recap: what you need to make your pins go viral

So, we saw how to create a pin for Pinterest on Canva and how to publish it to Pinterest, but let’s make a recap of what you need to become a professional Pinterest user or to make money using Pinterest.

Nice images that gets attention

Pinterest is made by images and videos, that’s why you must select only awesome pictures.

You can do that freely on or any other site that allows you to download an use photos for free.

You can download icons on Flaticon which is another free site.

And you can build your Pinterest Pin on which is a great site that helps you build awesome content for free.

Useful and engaging content made for users

On Pinterest you must always tailor you content for people who wants an easy way to learn new things. They want to learn visually, so they constantly scan their boards for new content.

When learning how to go viral on Pinterest you should learn how to create simple and engaging content.

Use simple and short phrases and many icons, the result is guaranteed.

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