How To Install A Plugin In WordPress The Easiest Guide

How To Install A Plugin In WordPress

This guide will teach you how to install a plugin in WordPress in simple steps.

The first step is going to the dashboard of your WordPress installation, and then, after navigating with your mouse over the Plugins section and then on Add New, click on that.

The next section that is going to appear is the one below.

how to install a plugin on wordpress, wordpress plugin dashboard

As you can see there’s a list of Featured plugins that are the ones that are the most installed and that have been featured in

I highly suggest you don’t install any of these plugins because they are not so useful, but stick to the guide I wrote about starting a blog.

OK, now let’s get to the next step.

Searching for useful plugins

searching for useful plugins in WordPress

From the same plugin dashboard, we write in the searchbox what we are looking for. Here I am searching for “forms” for my contact page.

This is a dynamic page so it will refresh when you write in the searchbox.

You don’t need to specify the name of the plugin, you need to provide what’s your need.

So if you’re looking for an anti-spam, search for anti spam, and so on.

Selecting the appropriate plugin

As you can see there are a lot of plugins that are doing essentially the same thing.

So, how can you judge which one is better for you?

Let’s continue with our Forms example.

These are the first 4 plugins. Let’s analyze them.

If you click on More Details (the red circled link in the image above) you’ll see a recap and the reviews of that particular plugin.

You’ll see a panel popping out with many useful information. I encircled in a red rectangle the info that are essential for you.

The compatibility with your WordPress installation is a must.

After the compatibility check, the Last Updated date is very useful.

If you see that the plugin has been updated at least a month ago, you’ll know that the developers are active and the plugin is going to have many updates in the time to come.

Then you check the average rating of the plugin, here you already know that the higher the number of reviews, the less “noise” you’ll experience and the more trust you’ll have in installing that plugin.

In the other tabs of the information pop up you can usually find the features of the plugin, if it is free or if it has a premium for certain features and some screenshots.

You won’t find all these things for all the WordPress plugins you’re going to install on your WP.

But the most popular ones have this kind of information provided.

How to install a plugin in WordPress

Now, after reading all the infos about all the different plugins that came out in the search, let’s say we chose Contact Form by WPForms and we want to install it.

We click on Install Now button and wait a moment.

After some moments, you’ll se that the plugin has been installed on your WP and the button became blue with the text Activate.

If you click on Activate you’ll start the plugin and it will become part of your WordPress installation.

You will be able to use it and you’ll see on the main menu in the dashboard or under Settings.

And that’s it, now you can start configuring and using your new plugin.


Remember always that you should install only plugins from your plugins Dashboard.

If you’re not an expert of WordPress, never install a plugin by uploading it because it can be a plugin that has malicious code inside and that can destroy your WordPress installation.

f you install only plugins from plugin section, you’ll be safe because the plugins out there are checked for viruses and malicious code.

This is how to install a plugin in WordPress easily.

I hope you enjoyed the guide!

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