How to make a newsletter article that gets opened fast

This guide will focus on how to make a newsletter article that grabs the attention of your users and keeps it for as long as you want.

These days are very difficult for marketers and for business owners. Attention spans of their users is shorter than ever.

News article and notifications are popping up everywhere and your audience gets distracted.

When someone is distracted does not comprehend the message that you’re trying to send to them.

So you could have the best possible product, you could have the best possible price to offer, but the user won’t get your message properly.

And you lost a potential customer.

That’s why we, as business owners, should focus our efforts into conveying efficient messages to our customers.

And there’s a good news: writing an email to your customer is still the best way to get their attention. But still, you have to learn how to entice them into reading your text and pushing the call to action.

That is precisely what we are going to see in this guide.

How to make a newsletter article so good and tasty that it always get opened

How to make a newsletter article so good they will not ignore it

Everything starts with the email subject. If you don’t write a good email subject your email will get lost into the hundreds of unread marketer’s mails.

No one is going to open your email if you write:

  • How I solved my debt problem.
  • How I aced all my exams with this simple trick.
  • This week my YYYYY course is 60% discounted.

No. One. Cares. About. You. Or. Your. Product.

And still there are many business owners out there that are trying to sell you their awesome product. Because they think that it is awesome.

But they don’t tell you how it will solve your problems.

That’s the only thing you should focus on.

So, starting from the subject line it must be absolutely clear.

Choosing a bulletproof subject line for the email

So, now it is clear that we should choose a good subject line to capture the user attention.

But what constitute a good subject line?

If you want to read an entire analysis made by Mailchimp, you can go here.

If you want a quick recap and want to know fast what works and what doesn’t work, read below.

1 – Always include the customer name into the subject line

Always use the name of whom you’re contacting in the subject line because it boosts open rate.

So an effective subjetc line could be:

Hey, [First Name] optional[Last Name], I’ve got an important message for you.

2 – Be direct

Do not use a long subject line and don’t try to sell what’s inside your email, simply tell what’s inside.

Is it an important message? A guide? A limited time offer?

3 – Use words that emphasize the urgency of the message (ONLY WHEN APPROPRIATE)

If your message requires to be read in a short amount of time, don’t be scared to use words that accentuate the urgency of your message.

Do not overdo it as it can cause the opposite effect.

4 – Use “Thank you”

Yes, email subjects that contains a Thank you message are opened more than the others.

That’s not strange at all, everyone wants to be thanked for something.

So, for example, in a follow up email, when you want to contact someone who did not buy anything for you, you can actually use a “Thank you for taking the time to read my emails” message.

Use an email template builder for the body of the email

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, use something that has been already used and tested.

Consider that the standard open rate for all industries is 21.33% according to Mailchimp.

So, after you had your customer click on your email, you have to retain her attention.

Let’s get to the copy of the email:

  • It should be concise, 300 to 600 words at maximum, people are busy and they don’t want to waste time on every email
  • It should be easy to read. So use correct formatting (this should be easy if you use a template, as I said above.

If you respect these two points you’ll see an increment in your click through ratio.

Schedule your emails and send them 1 to 2 times per week, not more

Don’t send too much emails because your users will get tired.

The optimum is 1 to 2 times per week.

Be consistent with the time and the days you’re sending the emails so that your userbase learns when to expect a new mail from you.

What should I send?

Learning how to make a newsletter article is not easy, especially if you don’t know what kind of content you should send to your users.

Here’s a list of 10 ideas of content you can send to your email list:

  1. Newest blog posts with a small excerpt
  2. A video you found or created that could be useful for your users
  3. An infographic that you made
  4. New projects or products you’re currently working on
  5. Offers and discounts on your products
  6. Offers and discounts on other people’s software
  7. Tips and hints to help your customer solve a problem
  8. A new product launch
  9. Success story from one of your customers
  10. A simple how-to tutorial

Conclusion on how to make a newsletter article that your customers love

Yes, this guide is on how to make a newsletter article that your users will love and open as soon as they receive it.

How you do that?

  • You write a good subject line
  • You use a template from the instrument you use (for example, Mailchimp)
  • You write about one of the 10 arguments I suggested above
  • You always put a CTA link in the footer with an offer to the reader

That’s it.

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