how to make money on pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest

What you are going to find in this guide “How to make money on Pinterest”:

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an emerging social network structured as a pinboard. It’s one of the most growing social networks out there and that’s why many people and companies are using it to sell their products.

Let’s see how much Pinterest has grown during years:

Risultato immagini per pinterest growth

As you can see it has about 300 million active users. That’s a huge user base!

Every Pinterest user has their own pinboard and builds it over time by adding his or her interests.

So, for example, if I add “martial arts” as an interest, I’ll get all the images, infographics, image-guides related to martial arts.

That’s the power of Pinterest.

Every user is requested to add his or her interests when creating their account (and they can also add some other interests later).

So, for example, if you target some interests like, let’s say, “making chocolate muffins” you can add a photo of your yummy muffins and you can add a link to the recipe you used.

The recipe will obviously lead to a page on your website.

That’s a nice way to increase your social presence and traffic to your website.
So, a little recap of what is Pinterest:

  • A social network of 300+ million active users
  • A pinboard of many images, infographics and visual guides
  • A place where everyone can build its own pinboard based on his/her interests
  • A great opportunity for people and companies that want to make money

Why should invest your time in increasing your Pinterest presence

If you haven’t yet realized reading the paragraph above, knowing how to make money on Pinterest should be your top priority.

Here are why you should invest time in building an audience on Pinterest:

  • Contrary to Facebook, Pinterest is not bloated with ads
  • It is an interest focused social network so users that see your posts are interested in that type of content
  • It is image based: so users are spending a lot of time in the site.
  • If your image gets repinned many times you can get a decent amount of traffic to your landing page or to your site
  • Puoi comprare degli ads anche su Pinterest

So, as we saw in the list above, Pinterest is a very nice social network in which to invest time (and money) to promote your business, your site or your product.

Now that we saw the reasons behind the decision to invest time in developing an audience on Pinterest, we can see when it is the right decision to do it.
When Pinterest should be your focus?

When you have a product, a site, a YouTube channel or something you want to promote and it is related to an hobby people like to have: gardening, do it yourself, jewels, cosmetics, woodworking and other craft projects.

If you have any of the above and you want to get traffic or you want to sell, Pinterest is for you.

This post is a guide on how to make money on Pinterest but before entering the details, let’s give a look at the demographics of Pinterest.

Who are the users of Pinterest?

If you know the answer to that question, you can target the typical user and you can make your post go viral.

What’s the demographics of Pinterest?

Pinterest example of a board
  • 72% of the users are female
  • Only 20% of the users are male
  • 50% of the total user base lives outside US
  • 14.2 minutes is the average time spent on site
  • 47% of all the users are connecting to Pinterest specifically to shop
  • 28% of marketers are already using the site to promote their sites and their products
  • 80% of the users are coming from the app on their phones

SourcesPinterest users intent to shop, Pinterest demographics
If it isn’t yet clear to you, Pinterest is a very nice social network. And its users say so: 9 out of 10 users of Pinterest are saying that it is an environment filled with positivity.
But let’s analyze the data that is above.
14 minutes of average time is very nice, it means that users are engaged with the content.

The most interesting piece of data though is that 47% of all the users are constantly opening Pinterest with the intention of buying something.

That’s important for you and me: you get motivated customers with Pinterest. And you know that’s a good thing.

After all this data, how to make money on Pinterest is a question that you want to answer as soon as possible, right?

So, let’s dive into it.
10 creative ways to help you make money on Pinterest

1 – Become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant 

One of the emerging trends in the Pinterest ecosystem is the “Pinterest Virtual Assistant” which is a new kind of job.

A Pinterest VA is an expert that helps people and business with Pinterest posting, catching Pinterest trends and seasonal trends.

A Pinterest VA knows Pinterest demographic and also the specific interest demographic (for example the age range, the gender of the people seeing the pins of a specific interest).

As a VA you can make from 1000$ the first month to 3000$ after 4 to six months. In addition to this, if you get some gigs as a freelancer, you could potentially increase your income X5.

Be aware that it is not so easy to start off as a Pinterest VA. You can take a course on Udemy, such as this one, or you can also start as a Pinterest user and increase your audience.

Just take a look at job listings on, for example. You’ll see many offers with a very nice average bid.

So, to summarize things up, how to make money on Pinterest as a Virtual Assistant:

  • Take a course on Udemy or on any other platform if you are a total beginner
  • Start looking for jobs listing on and on
  • In the meantime, grow your audience on your Pinterest boards.

That’s all.

2 – Make useful image-guides and link them to your site

Pinterest is all about images that are useful to the user, images that inspire.

So, if you know how to make some of these images, you’re well off.

If you don’t know how to make a nice image, an image-tutorial, or infographics, I suggest you to take a look at Canva. It is an online app that lets you create beautiful images and info-guides for free.

Here the core principles are:

  • Focus on your hobbies and strength and make a visual guide about how you can achieve something: for example, how to construct a table with wood and epoxy resin.
  • Use real photos and images to convey your message, which can be: visit my site, buy my product, buy my guide, subscribe to my email list etc.
  • Study all the Pinterest guidelines for pin size, text to image ratio and so on, you can find them here.
  • Start a board and increase your followers by offering great pins.
  • Link some of the best pins to your site

3 – Start ads campaigns on Pinterest

Ads on Pinterest are a great way to capitalize on the active user base of the site and direct the very interested to your site and landing page.

You can create Ads and decide how much to spend on the ad each day. 

To start creating ads on Pinterest you need to register for a business account and you’ll have access to analytics too.

4 – Create infographics

Infographics are the new how to guides on the internet. On Pinterest you are going to find many well crafted infographics (many of them made with, check io out).

If you want to know how to make money on Pinterest using infographics, here’s the hint: with nice and well crafted guides, you can get many shares and many repins from users.

Getting repinned is essential to increase your audience and your authority.

5 – Become a social media manager for Pinterest

If you like the stability of a 9 to 5 job, well this is for you. As you know, in this blog you won’t find an all-in approach to work and to life.

As you probably learned over years, nothing is absolutely black and white, and this also applies to your work.

So if you want a job and want to be employed by some company, know that Pinterest Social Media Managers exist and are well paid. What’s important here is knowing that you won’t manage only the Pinterest account of the company, but probably, you’ll have to manage every social network that the company uses.

So, why don’t you take a course on Udemy and start a Social Media Manager career?


6 – Post some tasty recipes

Do you know what is always trending on Pinterest (and on any other social network)?

Food recipes!

And what about cooking something special, take a photo of the final result and attaching a list of ingredients and recipe to the pin?

Yes, recipes are a viable method to make money on Pinterest.

I always suggest having a blog or a website in which you post all your recipes. From time to time you post some pins about a tasty dish and insert a link to your website.

That’s how you grow your traffic and your potential earning.

7 – Study Pinterest trends and sell an affiliate product using Pinterest 

Even though I am posting this as a standalone method about how to make money on Pinterest, this is a system you should use to analyze Pinterest trends with every approach listed here.

On this site you can analyze what’s trending on Pinterest so you can have an idea of what kind of content is going to get more views and get you more traffic, signups, sells.

8 – Build a landing page and create useful content

This should be the ABC of content marketing. Having a landing page or a blog or a site is the fundamental part of any activity of an entrepreneur.

If you don’t have a site yet, you could build a landing page with a tool and capture leads and email.

Emails you’ve acquired can become a very nice source of income over the time.

Remember that in 2020 what is important is that:

  • Your site loads very fast: so be sure to use an optimized hosting provider and some caching.
  • Your site has SSL: you can actually get free SSL certificates issued from Let’s Encrypt. Some of the best hosting providers are offering SSL themselves. Please, do know that if you don’t plan on getting your site an SSL certificate, you’re going to rank lower in many search engines. Another reason to buy an SSL certificate is that you should protect your customers data.
  • You have an email list: no, email lists are not dead. In fact, right now, emails address are very important to users because they use them virtually everywhere. Everyone checks email multiple times per day so Email Marketing is something you have to learn if you want to make money.

9 – Go on freelancing sites and search for jobs on Pinterest

This is not the usual post in which I say to you co on X and check for jobs and apply.

Many freelancing sites are overcrowded with sellers and freelancers which are offering services at a very low price.

Don’t try to compete with them or, at best, you’ll work for hours for 10 dollars.

I also know that many of the services that you can purchase at a low cost are of a very low level.

What I suggest you is:

  • Go to these portals and see what kind of offers are there.
  • If you can satisfy the requirements of these offers, build a portfolio site in which you demonstrate what you can do. Do a very nice job, create masterpieces.
  • Buy some ads and offer your services to target audiences on Facebook and Instagram but be careful on how you structure your pricing.

10 – Dropshipping business and Pinterest

Did you remember that 47% of all the users that visit Pinterest are looking for something to buy?

That’s when dropshipping comes in the game.

When you have a board with hundreds of followers, you can partner with many companies that are trying to sell their products.

The best part is that the only work you’ll have to do is what you’re already doing: posting pins on Pinterest.

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