3 Hints On How To Make Money On Quora

Yes, I am going to show you how to make money on Quora.

How? Creating value for the users of Quora. There’s no other way.

Why should you trust me, you say?

Let’s see:

Quora stats dashboard
My Quora stats dashboard

Here are my stats. I have 2.49 million views on Quora and 15.2k upvotes.

No joke, indeed.

Did I make any money on Quora, you ask? Yes.

But first, let me introduce Quora.

What is Quora.com?

Quora.com is a Q&A social network that has some special features and that is different from, for example Yahoo Answers or Stack Overflow.

Quora stats of users

First difference is the demographics: Quora.com sits in the middle of every other Q&A website.

  • 43% of all the users are female, while the other 57% are males;
  • 65% of all the users have a degree;
  • Anglophone users are the vast majority of visitors of Quora.com, while the company has already opened many domains that are country-specific;
  • 54% of adult users are reporting an household income > 100k annually;
  • People with an household income > 100k are spending twice the time on Quora.com instead of Linkeding;

Source of data at the end of the post.

So, let’s review the points above. By investing time in building an audience on Quora.com you can grow your authority on a subject (and I am going to show you how to use Quora on another guide), you can build trust and you can create a nice funnel to your blog or your webiste.

What is really important to understand is that if you’re offering shallow or low quality material on Quora, you won’t be able to build your audience.

As you can see there are a lot of college graduates so your answers should be well crafted, should contain some images and should be written in a comprehensible manner.

Household income is very important too, because for the people on Quora, it is very high. So they are capable of spending money on your products.

Now we can enter deeply into how to make money on Quora.

How to make money on Quora

Establishing authority on Quora can help you building a funnel for your webiste.

Quora is structured in a way to help users ask a good question and get good and relevant answers.

This means that you can search if the question has already been asked and if it hasn’t beed asked you can post it and wait for a reply.

Every question has one or more categories (that have been generated during the years).

You can build trust and authority by searching for questions that are relevant to your industry or sector and following the categories.

Making money on Quora needs a strategy:

  • First of all answer the top questions in any category you choose to establish authority.
  • In the meantime you should setup a landing page and a funnel. There are many instruments to create a landing page and build an email list.
  • After you have at least 4 to 6 answers that have got 100k views and at least 3k upvotes you can add a link at the footer of your answer that links to your landing page.

Building authority is the key to how to make money on Quora

Did I repeat it enough? No, I didn’t.

The fact is that if your answer is well tailored and contains very useful content (and please, if you don’t know much about storytelling, study it!) will go viral.

If many users upvote your answer, you can get published on Quora Digest which is a newsletter that every user can receive with a summary of the best answers about a specific argument.

If your answer gets to the Quora Digest, well, your answer now got viral!

The best part of an answer going viral is that it gets so many upvotes that it will probably be around for years.

I still receive traffic on some of my best answers.

4.5k views during the last 30 days without putting any effort. Awesome.

So, build authority and you’ll get traffic. But where are you going to send this traffic?

To your landing page, of course.

How to structure your landing page

While using Quora to get leads, you can structure your landing page as a squeeze page to get email addresses.

You don’t need a full fledged website since the content that you are offering is on Quora.

So Quora acts as your personal blog and it is where you build your authority on a subject.

How to make money on quora

What I suggest you though is offering a bonus for joining your email list. You could make an ebook that goes into the details of your field of expertise so that the user is going to receive a benefit in exchange of giving you his/her email.

When you generate a nice amount of traffic you can do some test to see if moving the link that points to your website at the beginning of the answer generates more traffic towards your landing page or not.

So, in conclusion, this is how to make money on quora:

  • Select a category relevant to your industry on Quora.
  • Create well crafted answers: reasearch them a lot, put images in them and learn storytelling.
  • Create a nice landing page and a bonus that you’ll give to your users.
  • Generate Traffic to your site.
  • Repeat.

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    • Thank you Brian, Quora, right now is the best Q&A site to grow the traffic to your site (which, by the way I visited and it contains nice information).


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