5 Great Tips on How To Make Money With a Facebook Group

If you are here to learn how to make money with a Facebook Group you probably have one already.

But this guide is for anyone who wants to open up a Facebook group and also want to monetize it to make a side income. You know that here at Smart Striving I usually offer many unusual and effective ways to make money.

For example, if you want to learn how you can make money with Pinterest, here’s a guide.

Well, that is entirely possible.

Let’s see how to make money with a Facebook group with these 5 tips.

How to make money with a Facebook Group

How to make money with a Facebook group guide
One of the Facebook groups I created and managed

I like things that are simple and effective, so here’s a list of what works in term of making money with Facebook Groups.

  • Sell affiliate products
  • Promote products, other pages, sites etc…
  • Charge a membership
  • Direct traffic to your site: newsletter and sale funnels
  • Become a group moderator or manager

Sell Affililiate products

Having a large community that shares posts is a wonderful thing. When you have a nice following, it can be as low as 100 users, you can start promoting things to them.

The focus should always be to solve people problems offering a product or a paid solution. That’s how you can sell something in general.

So, depending on the focus of your Facebook group, you can select few products from Amazon and you can promote them via their Affiliate Program.

You can do a video review of, let’s say, a nice camera, and then you post the video review, you pin the message in your group and you leave the affiliate link for people to take a look and, eventually, buy.

There are many affiliate programs, just choose the one that fits your niche and start promoting their products and earn commissions.

That’s all.

Just remember that you can (and should) pin posts in a group so that it is always at the beginning of the group feed.

how to pin a post on a Facebook group
Just select Mark as announcement to pin a post

Pinning a post is to ensure a good visibility to your affiliate products.

Promote products, other pages and websites.

That’s not the same thing as above.

Here what we are trying to achieve is something different. We are trying to advertise products, other pages and groups and websites for a fee.

So you will be paid upfront for visibility from other page managers, webiste owners or businesses.

It is just like a being an influencer without having to expose your persona.

But, what about the fees you ask?

It depends on the niche, on the number of people in your group and on other factors.

If you are in the personal finance niche, for example, you can expect to be paid a lot for a weekly post AD.

If, on the contrary, you’re in the gaming niche, well you won’t much.

So, negotiate with the person that wants to buy exposure from you.

Charge a membership

Yes, there are many people that have their own website, they offer an online course (take a look at how long does it take to create an online course here) and they offer the Facebook group membership inside their package.

So, you won’t get paid only for the membership in your group, but you will have to offer a package, have a website and offer the membership inside a product package.

You can also charge more for the membership if it adds so much value that you can’t offer it for free.

Let’s make an example: if you sell a course on how to create Visual Basic programs for Excel and you sell it at 97$, you could add a membership package for your Facebook Group in which you offer support in developing in Visual Basic.

That’s something with high value, so you could rise the price some more.

How to make money with a Facebook group on steroids: directing traffic to your website

I know that there are many methods listed here and that you can choose one of them and make money.

But no method surpasses the old and effective website with awesome content and the email list.

If you can tap into the traffic generated by your Facebook group, you can increase your social shares, your likes and your rankings in Google. Don’t believe my words, check this article out.

Become a group moderator or manager

Let’s say you want to earn money with Facebook groups and you’re not afraid to work as a Social Media Manager, well there’s room for you.

Social media managers are sought after by many big communities out there to help manage and moderate very big communities and groups.

You will not manage only one group probably but you’ll also be in charge of other social networks as well but the salary is pretty good (take a look at glassdoor here).

The first step, if you want to become a social media manager is to follow an online course and to develop the skills that are needed.

You can find some of the best courses here.

That concludes our guide on how to make money with a Facebook group.

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