5 Tricks On How To Write Good Answers On Quora

Why should you listen me writing a guide on how to write good answers on Quora?

Because I wrote good answers on Quora. Here are my stats.

how to write good answers on quora

With 2.49 million views and 15k upvotes my answers got featured multiple times on Quora Digest. If you don’t know what Quora Digest is, think of it as a newsletter that Quora can send you (if you give your authorization) periodically, with a summary of all the best answers in the Topics you chose to follow.

Nice, isn’t it?

So let’s start with the 5 tips on how to write good answers on Quora.

Use 1 to 4 images on your answer.

There’s no fixed number of images you should add to your answer, even though at least 1 image should be your ideal target.

Adding more of them depends on the length of your answer.

OK, let’s analyze some of the best answers (given by some of the best Quora Writers).

Niklas Goeke’s answer contains 3 images in 335 words. His is an how to guide so it is perfectly OK.

Now let’s see one of my favourite Quora Author, Oliver Emberton. Oliver does a really great job with its best answer: 840 words and 3 images.

And the best thing is that in his answers Oliver create his own images, so it is original content.

Nicolas Cole is a prolific writer indeed. His answer contains 2550 words and only one image.

Balaji Viswanathan is one of the most known Quora writers, his answer contains 160 words and no images.

Dushka Zapata’s answer has 249 words and contains no images.

As you can see, two of the most prolific writers of Quora use no images. But they are very good with words and they now have many followers so when they post something it gets upvoted by many of them

If you’re starting out on Quora, I suggest using at least one image. Be aware to use an image that is suitable for reuse.

You can find this kind of images by searching on Google images and filtering by “Labeled for Reuse”:

At first, answer many questions

It seems like silly advice but it isn’t.

After you’ve chosen the topics that interests you answer at lease 1 or 2 questions per day.

Remember that the demographics of Quora is made up for the 65% of college graduates: so research your answer and make it useful for the users.

Answering at least one question per day compounds so well that after one or two months you’ll have 100 to 1000 followers. And remember that followers on Quora are a very nice thing to have.

Learn how to tell a story

Even if you’re writing a very technical answer remember that you are telling your own story.

So use examples and analogies, make things easy for your readers. Make them enjoy reading your answers.

As we saw above, every one of the famous Quora Writers is a master storyteller in his own way.

No one is throwing at you facts or notions, they are narrating a story to you. And you (an I) are eager to know more about it.

This is one of my best answers. I answered the question ” What is the quickest way to become wealthy under 30? “.

What makes that answer very successful (it has 7k upvotes and 331k views)?

The story. It is the story of one of my friends who actually became very wealthy. And I narrated how he became wealthy.

That’s what interests the people who are actually reading Quora: real examples of people failing and succeeding.

And this strategy is applicable to any of the topics in Quora. Write about your experiences in the field. Or the experiences of someone you know or you read about.

After you have some followers, write an answer for top questions

Whenever you open up a topic and you select “Read”, you get the most well written answers for that topic.

The fact is that these questions are the most viewed of that topic.

And you should answer them. It is better if you answer them after you have some followers.

How to write good answers on Quora is more an art, but the process is very straightforward and once you master it, you can gain traction, views and upvotes.

To gain more traction answering Top Questions in the Topic you choose is vital.

Always remember to use all the 5 tricks that I’m teaching you or you won’t succeed in writing very good answers that get viral.

Use lists and make use of bold text

Like in the blogging world, lists and bold text should be used to make your answers more readable and well formatted.

Always remember that users are reading from left to right so if you want to make a concept clear and the text is in the right part of the page, please use bold text.

Users attention span is always decreasing, so you should capture their attention. And you’ll do it if you know how to tell a story (see the point above) and if you know how to use lists and when to use bold text.

Conclusion about how to write good answers on Quora

We are at the end of the guide on how to write good answers on Quora and I want to summarize what to do to write viral answers:

  • Use at least one image at the beginning or in the middle of the answer
  • At first, answer many questions. One a day should suffice for the first month.
  • Learn storytelling. If you’re not telling a good story, no one is going to listen to your words.
  • After you have some followers answer top questions to get traction and other followers.
  • Use lists and make wise use of bold text.

That’s everything you need to know. Go and write!

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