Niche Marketing: How To Create Your Space In A Saturated Market

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Since we know that niche marketing is essential if one wants to open an online business or simply want to start a side hustle, we created guides and articles on how to approach and create profitable niche markets.

The articles you find below are organized to facilitate the process of creating your niche marketing site.

1 – Finding a niche market

  1. Finding a good niche for your business
  2. Is every niche a profitable one? No, discover which are the profitable niches.
  3. You still didn’t find any niche? We’ve got you covered, check these 99 ideas for niche markets

2 – Starting your niche marketing site

3 – Writing content for your website or blog

4 – Optmizing your website

5 – Making money with your blog or website

The actual market situation is very complex, it seems that everything already exist, that every need is already satisfied, that’s not true.

That’s why niche marketing exists. Niche marketing is the process of creating a new space devoid of competitors in which you can sell your products and make money.

While this may seem a complicated task, this isn’t the case at all.

An easy niche marketing definition

niche marketing ideas

Advertising a product – or a group of products – to a specific audience you previously selected and studied. So you will not advertise your products to anyone that comes by.

This means that your product has specific features that no other product has and that it is going to appeal only to a subset of the total audience.

So, for example, while the gaming market is not a niche market, an online shop selling ergonomic mouse and keyboards for gamers can be a niche market.

Let’s make another example: gardening is not a niche market, but selling chilli seeds is a niche market.

That’s what Pepper Joe’s does, by the way, it created a niche market.

Niche marketing examples

There are many niche marketing examples you can find, here you’ll find some of the best.

Succulents and sunshine niche market example

This is a fantastic example of niche market.

You can’t target plants in general as there are many sites and online shops for them, but you can target a family of plants, such as succulents, and create a shop with books, courses and accessories.

Keyboard queen niche market example

It’s impossible to target the broader PC hardware sector but what if we focus on keyboards? Thats what they did on Keyboad

And that’s another example.

Follow the guide on this site to start with niche marketing

As you saw in this article, using niche marketing, you can build any kind of business online (and it even works offline even though the process is different).

Why does it work?

Because every person on this planet in online and in the world there are 360 million people that are speaking english.

Consider that a very small percentage of that 360 million is interested in the niche you want to build your own site.

But, even though the percentage may be low as the 0.5%, the 0.5% of 360 million is 1.8 million people.

Yes, you understood it right, almost 2 millions people are potentially interested in your niche.

So if you start a blog and write useful content each week for 6 to 8 months, you’ll begin to see organic traffic coming from search engines.

And you’ll begin to see some shares on Facebook and on other social media.

From those traffic and those share, you’ll see that your traffic will increase week by week.

If you have traffic, you can build an email list and start selling your products or affiliate products and make money.

That’s the purpose of building a niche marketing site.

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