YOAST vs RANK MATH: Which One Is The Absolute Best?

YOAST vs RANK MATH which one is the best?

Yoast vs rank math would make for a great boxing match because both of the SEO plugins are the absolute best for WordPress SEO.

When starting your own blog you want to know how to rank faster on search engines and what’s the best free SEO plugin available.

This guide is for you.

Let’s clarify that while Yoast Seo plugin has a free tier, Rank Math is 100% free, and that’s a nice point in his favor.

But let’s get into the details of each one of the two SEO plugins.

Yoast vs Rank Math: features differences

First of all, as Matthew Woodward points out in his article there’s a difference in the dimension of the 2 plugins.

Yoast SEO size is 12 MB, while Rank Math size is 7.3 MB.

So we have a smaller pluging but, as you’re going to see, with a lot more free functionalities.

The first difference between the two plugins is the Focus Keyword, in Rank Math you can optimize your posts for 5 keywords without having to pay a dime.

In Yoast to unlock this feature you have to buy their premium.

This thing alone could already be enough to make me choose Rank Math over Yoast because, as you know, you can’t use only one focus keyword per post.

SEO has changed a lot.

Installation process, the differences

Here Rank Math and Yoast are very similar, with the former that has a better interface. But the process is very easy for both of them.

What is different though is the process of switching your SEO plugin and here Rank Math wins for the easier and smoother process.

Post installation configuration

Both of them requires very little post installation configuration, so both are very beginner-friendly.

rank math settings panel

The settings panel of Rank Math is slick and has many toggles that allow you to switch on and off all of the features of the plugin.

YOAST SEO Settings

As you can see in the image above, Yoast has also a nice interface with toggles to switch on and off features.

So, post installation configuration is good for both of the SEO plugins.

Number of features

Since we saw that both of the plugins are very good in their own jobs, let’s get to the final showdown.

Yoast vs Rank math: who has the most useful features?

FeatureYoast SEORank Math
Track keyword rankingNOYES
Google Search Console integrationNOYES
Tests when writing postsYESYES
Sitemap generationYESYES
Optimize a post for more than one keywordONLY PROYES
301 redirects (good for affiliate marketing)NOYES
Google site verificationYESYES

Those are the features that a SEO plugin should have to make your site or blog gets crawled and ranked faster.

As you can see Rank Math has more free features than Yoast Seo, and that’s why I currently use Rank Math on this site and on every other site that I manage.

Plugin updates

Both of the plugins are always uptodate and compatible with the latest version of WordPress, so there’s no fear that the plugin can break your WP installation.

What’s different from updates standpoint is that Rank Math has a clear roadmap for the development of their product.

You can see what they are trying to build and improve and which are the next features that are going to be implemented.

That is a very nice thing to know. And the best part is that everything is free of charge.


Yoast vs Rank Math in 2020: the winner is Rank Math. Here’s the why:

  • Faster and smaller size
  • Lots of features
  • Has a lot of on page optimizations
  • Can optimize more than one keyword per single post
  • Everything is 100% free

Do you also think that Rank Math is the best plugin for SEO? Tell me in the comments section.

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